Sharing God's Story – Growing in Community


This is the website of Frontier Camps, an independent charity that has been running summer holiday camps for children and young people with roots tracing back to 1947.

Frontier Camps specialises in tented camps welcoming both ‘churched’ and ‘unchurched’ children and young people, who come as individuals or youth groups.  (Youth groups must be accompanied by a youth leader)

Age Range

Campers should normally be 9 to 13 years old. (Approximately English school years 4 to 8).

Camp Dates for 2020

Frontier Camps runs for 2 seperate weeks a year with a purpose of:

1. Telling Jesus’ story – we want to ensure that no-one leaves without hearing that story, and we tell it through words which are reinforced through how we serve each other. We tell it relevantly and creatively. We also primarily want to be telling the story to those who haven’t heard it or responded to it.

2. Providing a great holiday – to give young people a fantastic holiday. We will constantly innovate to make sure our programmes are exciting, fun and safe.

The camp takes place under canvas on the East Coast (Nr. Cleethorpes).

The camp aims to run for groups of young people who can come with their local youth leaders/workers.

Frontier Camps has an independent structure and leadership system from Frontier Youth Trust (FYT).

FYT is thrilled to support the work through our advice, support, promotion, direct involvement (by some of their staff), some administrative support, training and prayer.

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