Sharing God's Story – Growing in Community

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose below has been prepared by the Frontier Camps leadership team for what we are about at camp and we see two primary aims in relation to campers, these are:

1. Telling Jesus’ story – we want to ensure that no-one leaves without hearing that story, and we tell it through words which are reinforced through how we serve each other. We tell it relevantly and creatively. We also primarily want to be telling the story to those who haven’t heard it or responded to it.

2. Providing a great holiday – to give young people a fantastic holiday. We will constantly innovate to make sure our programmes are exciting, fun and safe.

In order to fulfil our vision important aspects of the week include:

Worship – we worship and serve God in all that we do throughout the week.

Community – we will work to ensure that everyone is accepted and seen as integral to camp. A visitor commented that looking around the field it was difficult at times to work out what age group the camp served. Our challenge is to continue to involve everyone from 1 month to 70 years old meaningfully, and without eroding our core aims.

Refreshment and growth – there’ll be opportunities for all staff to share, grow and learn together.

Developing young Christians – we want to purposefully develop the gifts and skills of young people on camp. To that end we’ll have clear roles and expectations of the Wild Bunch (what we used to call Junior Officer’s) and Tent Partners and look to nurture each.

Developing leaders – we want to run more camps and that will require more leaders. We also believe in God’s provision of gifts to young people and want to nurture those gifts so that they are used fully.

Expanding camp – we want camp to grow – to full capacity and beyond. That will mean we set up other camps/holidays so that we can introduce more young people to Jesus, use the gifts of young and not so young leaders and maximise the benefits of a great site and equipment.

Partnership – we’ll seek, through our relationships to develop more camps and make sure that the camp is not a one-off blip for people on their spiritual journeys.

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